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Premium Marine ClampTite Tool

Premium Marine ClampTite Tool

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Stainless Steel w/Bronze Nut
This tool has a lanyard extension for marine purposes.

This tool is machined stainless steel with a one piece body and nose and bronze nut. The tool was designed with the detailed craftsman who needs a long lasting tool able to hold up to extremely tough wire while clamping, binding and pulling the wire until the job is complete.  

What Size Tool Should I Use?

Tool Wire Sizes Tool Can Use
Standard, Deluxe, Premium Up to .080" in diameter, including .032", .041", .051", and .062".
Commercial Up to .125" diameter, including .041", .051", .062", and .091".
Industrial Up to .250" diameter, including .062" and .090".

Psssst!  If you're not sure which size to get, give us a call at (800) 962-2901. We'd love to help!