What Is The ClampTite Tool?

The CUSTOM Clamp Making Tool. It is up to 10 times stronger and 90% lighter than a regular clamp. The only clamp that is a true 360 degree seal with no flat spots. The ClampTite tool provides a way to tighten wires wrapped around an object and then lock it in place. 

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How Does The ClampTite Tool Work?

Hello World! We thought outside the box when we invented this. Clamp Anything…Any Size, Any Shape, Any Where!!!

No matter if you’re looking for a quick and effective emergency leak repair or a bullet proof means for securing nearly any material from fuel lines, radiator hoses to header wraps.  This innovative tool is a must have addition to any shop or tool chest. 

ClampTite quickly replaces ineffective or damaged conventional hose clamps with a temporary or permanent clamping mechanism formed from stainless steel safety wire.


Hundred's Of Uses For The ClampTite Clamps

Which Tools Should I Get?

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