What Is The ClampTite Tool?

Let's Get Clamping!

"You Talked, We Listened"

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How Does The ClampTite Tool Work?

We thought outside the box when we invented this... so it might seem a little intimidating at first. 

Watch this video on how to use the tool and you'll be using this simple yet effective tool every single chance you get!

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Fixed a garden hose to better than new. What a great handy tool to have. I feel like MacGyver with this thing in my hand!


Well-built tool for a simple idea... They are extremely well made, work as advertised and provide a solution that a hose clamp can't cover. A necessity on a farm.

Dave Bradley

Very versatile tool I use in construction in bamboo... [it] allows me to continue working without delay. Recommend it widely.

Fernando Partida Pinto

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