400 Grade Monel Eq. Large Roll Stainless Steel Wire

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Because your wire becomes your clamp, we recommend stainless steel wire because of its strength and durability, which results in your clamp being strong and durable. Although, the ClampTite tool will work with all wires, the stainless steel wire is the strongest and most durable. By simply cutting the wire to the length you need, you can have a clamp of any size. Remember you need to match the wire to your project needs.


Wire Size Usage
.032 For small hoses (clamps) smaller than 1/2″ diameter, for very small attachments (mechanical), and small projects.
.041 For hoses (clamps) smaller than 1 1/2″ diameter, for small attachments (mechanical); for non structural projects.
.051 For hoses (clamps) larger than 1 1/2″ diameter, for wire wound or stiff hoses; for structural attachments (mechanical).
.062 For hoses (clamps) for very large hoses (clamps) like 3-6″ diameter, PVC or large irrigation pipe; larger structural projects (mechanical) like posts/uprights for load bearing.
.090 For large structural projects/repairs (mechanical) and load bearing projects.
General Use The ClampTite tool is designed to work with any solid core wire, not stranded or loose wire.


Wire Type Usage
Stainless Steel Grade 304 Very corrosion resistant, has good strength, is annealed for ease of use, and is available in all our standard sizes as well as in a 1 lb can. It is the same stainless steel grade on most boat rails and external fittings.
Stainless Steel Grade 316L Very corrosion resistant (more so than 304), has slightly less strength, is annealed but is more stiff and slightly more difficult to use than the 304. It is available from us in sizes .041″ diameter small rolls and large rolls.
400 Series Wire (Monel Equivalent) Extremely corrosion resistant (for under water or similar uses), has much less strength, is flexible and easy to use, is dull grey in color. It is available from us in sizes .041″diameter and small rolls.


Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in
Diameter: .041, Length: 85'

Diameter: .041, Length: 85'


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